Dolfing Family in Asia

Dolfing Family in Asia
Don't only think and dream about it, just do it !
Shall we do it, yes or no?

We had the choice: move back to Holland at Easter, start the children in a new school almost at the end of the school year, rush in to looking for jobs or .... Travel around the world. The "dream" decision was easy, working out the details turned out to be a bit more complicated. Questions like: will the children (especially the oldest) not miss too much school time, what about vaccinations, malaria implications, safety and health issues regarding travelling with young children, where shall we go, what is realistic in terms of covering ground within a certain time frame, what are the financial implications, what (not) to pack etc etc ....

We decided to go for it. When will we have such an opportunity again? We ended up choosing for SE Asia as our destination because of its general safety, English being widely spoken, great mixture of beautiful nature and culture, limited malaria risk and budget friendly travel possibilities. When we are not travelling we will be doing schoolwork for a few hours a day with our two daughters.

And: Bless the internet !! We found so much useful information helping us to make our decision and put together our plan. Travel forums and websites/blogs of families sharing their stories have been of incredible value to us. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us through our guestbook or email



Evaluation (back home)
We will be adding a page shortly (hopefully November 2007) with an evaluation. We will try to make a listing with tips, the top 3 of our children of the things we did, saw and where we stayed. And about finance, meds and packing, all with respect of making such a journey with young children



Thailand (April 13 - May 1)

Thailand pictures

Laos (May 1 - May 16)

Laos pictures

Vietnam (May 16 - June 9)

Vietnam pictures (1)

Vietnam pictures (2)

Cambodia (June 9 - 21)

Cambodia pictures

Singapore & Malaysia (June 2

Singapore & Malaysia picture

Indonesia July 11-August 9

Indonesia pictures (1)

Indonesia Pictures (2)


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