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Dolfing Family in Asia
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Peduli Anak
The Peduli Anak Foundation


During the preparation of our travel plan, we came up with the idea to also contribute something in a bit more sustainable way then just by bringing tourist money while travelling. We looked for a project that we could visit and give a donation to. We came across the Peduli Anak foundation (check their website:, an organisation that was started by a young Dutch entrepreneur named Chiam Fetter with the aim to provide shelter and schooling for street children in Lombok (Indonesia).


A quote from their site:


" The Peduli Anak Foundation can be characterized as a global NGO who fights for the rights of (street) children who suffer due to lack of upbringing, education and medical support. Besides her focus on children, the Foundation takes her human and natural environment into account. Reducing structural poverty, child abuse/mortality, exploitation and killing diseases in combination with boosting local prosperity and access to decent medical facilities are main goals of the Peduli Anak Foundation. These goals are exactly in line with the ‘Millenium Goals’ who were created in 2000 by 189 countries globally. Unique characteristics of the Foundation are the vertical integration of different activities and entrepreneurial approach (with a focus on duplication of the projects, effectiveness, efficiency and uniformity) of a widespread social problem"


We have been raising some money for them over the last month prior to our departure, which we will hand over personally when we visit them. So far we have got around 1500 euros. Our visit to them is planned at the end of our trip at the end of July, beginning of August. Would you like to help us increase our donation? Please just send us a mail at and we will provide you with the necessary bank details. Thank you!



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Peduli Anak

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